Acting for the Camera

Course Description:
This course is designed for the student actor who has interests in on camera performance techniques. Both film and television instruction will be addressed. Each section will receive instruction, participate in exercises and performances. All modules are treated as specific areas of camera acting technique and will culminate in a final performance and critique of the varied assignments.
Shows proficiency with the creative process .
Demonstrates comprehension and execution of acting methods
Understands and incorporates critiques and instruction
Participates and actively contributes to the ensemble.
Gains an increased awareness, focus, and professionalism.
Completes all assignments within the  time structure.

Class 1
Auditions on camera
Understanding the role
Methods of on camera auditions
Connecting with the material
II. Performance
Cold Reading
Rehearsed audition
Class 2
Commercials and Industrial
Types of commercials
Character vs realism
Voice overs
Commercial/industrial auditions
Class 3
Situation Comedy
Blocking for camera
     Class 4
TV Studio Operations
Television Scenes with 2 characters
One on one with a partner
Master shot/ Pick up shot/ editing
Rehearsal and performance

Note: Each class will use a video camera for recording and playback. All course material will be provided.

Voice-over Workshop

Introduction-"The Audition Process"
        The copywriter's job-basic steps of copywriting
        Casting Yourself
        Cold Reading for VO commercials
        Audition and playback with critique

Class 2
Script analysis-"Finding the personality"
        Rate vs energy
        Using punctuation effectively
        Record and Playback with critique

Class 3
Performance objective-"Finding the voice"
        Narration vs natural
        Animation voices
        Character choices
        Recording and playback with analysis

Class 4
Production elements-"Why spots work"
        Music Beds
        Special effects and unusual requirements
        Sound effects
        "Looping" Your voice on you or someone else

Class 5
Demo construction elements "Your demo"
        Examples of successful demos
        Assembly of your best work
        Placement in the demotape
        Record and Playback

Class 6
Recording Studio session for final "takes"
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w. 212-244-3899
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